Charlene Darling

by Johnny "Stickerboy" Owens

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Debut solo album by Johnny Owens


released December 16, 2014

Played, written, and artwork done by Johnny "Stickerboy" Owens. Recording done by Paul Dunne, mixed and mastered by Carson Alexander Lewis for Green Line Records



all rights reserved


Johnny "Stickerboy" Owens New Paltz, New York

Solo music of multi-instrumentalist John Owens, a printmaker based out of New Paltz, New York.

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Track Name: Tap Dance
Cause Fred Astaire he died so long ago
That all that we've got left of him
is a pile of dusty bones
I bet they click and clatter when they roll
Just like those funny sheets of iron in my soles
Track Name: We Like To Stare
If you ever think, you hear my name
It won't ever be me, I swear
You won't ever learn, to fall in love
You won't ever learn, to kill the lights
Track Name: Honeybee
I hope that my baby gets to see the honeybees
I hope that she knows what it's like to climb a tree
I hope she'll have 100 reasons not to be so mean
I hope her water's clear, and I hope her air is clean
Track Name: Ain't It A Shame
Ain't it a shame how all the boys get loaded
the girls get older, and the rest forget
Ain't it a shame how all the good ones die young
the bad ones get guns, and the rest are cops.
Track Name: Janie's Couch
Take me home now Janie
I'm drunk and full of my self
Let me sleep in your living room
Go on and put me on your shelf
Take me home now Janie
I'm high and I'm losing blood
Take me home now Janie
I've got nothing left to sell
Track Name: Polly Anne
Polly Anne I'll be your shaker anyday
Track Name: Car Crash
See how mean I am
Love me like you do
Cut me down to size
Build me up again
Track Name: Gemini
Be my Gemini
Be my friend
Track Name: Still Running
We all fall down some day
Track Name: Katie's Song
Little sister he don't love you like he should
Little sister it ain't worth a troubled heart
Take it easy little sister, if you could
I can't stand to see your world fall apart
Track Name: Comedian's Lament
I don't kill you like I used to
I don't kill you like I did back then
I don't kill you like I never really knew you at all
I don't kill you like I used to